Cuba Gooding Jr. saves a life, but not his career!


I ran across a story this afternoon about actor Cuba Gooding Jr. saving the life of a gunshot victim. Apparently Cuba was getting dinner for his family when he saw a young man bleeding, and came to his assistance until an ambulance could arrive.

This is the sort of story that makes me believe in the inherent good in human beings. At the same time, it doesn’t change the fact that Cuba has made some suck-ass movies. Sure, saving the life of a gunshot victim is cool, but there’s a good chance anyone standing in the vicinity of the person who had been shot would have done the same. And I’m willing to bet none of those people starred in shit like Snow Dogs, Boat Trip or Radio.

So while it’s great that Cuba did something any decent human being would do, let us not be too quick to forgive him for his cinematic sins. Saving a life means that we can forgive him for either Men of Honor or Radio, but for Lightening Jack and all that other shit he’s done, that motherfucker needs to be saving at least one life a week for the next year. And in order to atone for Snow Dogs, Cuba is going to have to give one of his kidneys to some dying Sudanese orphan, and then adopt the kid.


One Response to “Cuba Gooding Jr. saves a life, but not his career!”

  1. Chief Scalpum Whiteman Says:

    He’s just trying to cement his reputation as a Magical Black Friend. Did he disappear as mysteriously as he appeared after the ambulance arrived (preferably into a fog bank and/or the night)?

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