Go F*ck Yourself While I Take a Sh*t!

It is too soon to tell what the long-term effect will be now that a US appeals court has thrown out a FCC ruling against the Fox television network regarding the used of expletives, but for the time being it is a nice slap in the face of Bush administration, conservative fascists, and the FCC itself.

Those of you who haven’t been keeping up with what has been going on with the Federal Communication Commission since Bush took over would do well to look into the strong-arm tactics that have been used to enforce what many consider to be a very narrow-minded concept of decency. Over the last seven years the FCC has gone gangsta, turning into an extortionist arm of a very small group of conservative cocksuckers who wish to control the thoughts, actions and very morality of this country. Citing the need to ensure decency in the home, where television acts as babysitter, teacher, priest, friend and lover—an addictive opiate that lulls most into uninspired mediocrity—the FCC has done the bidding of right wing conservatives who grew emboldened by the 2000 Bush “victory.”

Now, I don’t want to go so far as to say that television is an expression of thought, if for no other reason than most television comes across as being devoid of intelligence. But the fact remains that television is an outlet where thoughts are expressed—simple, maudlin, and just plain fucking stupid though those thoughts may be. And because television is an outlet for expressing thoughts—man, it really hurts to actually admit that—the policing of those thoughts can be very dangerous. What the FCC has attempted to do is suppress thoughts, actions and words deemed indecent by self-appointed moral gatekeepers.

One of the primary issues in the ongoing war of decency, and focus of the recent decision handed down by the appeals court, is the use of expletive words—namely “shit” and “fuck.” I will be the first to concede that the use of both “shit” and “fuck” in conversation can be a reflection of limited intellect and a rudimentary inability of an individual to express themselves intelligently. That said, I love to “fuck” and I seldom complain after taking a good healthy “shit.” But for whatever reason, it is considered wrong for me to talk about fucking or shitting, especially on television or radio, where I can face millions in dollars of fines. Don’t get me wrong, it is fine to talk about “pooping” and “making love,” as well as “pinching a loaf” or “throwing a hump” on TV and radio. You just can’t describe the acts of copulation as fuck, fucking or fucked, and you can’t describe defecation as shit, shitting or shat.

Perhaps if this were about the FCC encouraging people to express themselves in slightly more sophisticated ways, I wouldn’t have as big a problem with what has been going on. But as it stands, there have been standards regulating the use of “shit” and “fuck” as those words relate to excrement and coitus, respectively. More often than not, when you hear “shit” on network television or radio—keep in mind, the FCC regulates public airwaves and not pay services like HBO—it seldom has to do with one dropping the kids off at the pool. Likewise, that rare “fuck” we hear is usually during a live broadcast of some award show or a sporting event, where some rocker has either won something, or some athlete has just fumbled the ball. Seldom do you hear these wonderful expletives used in their most pure connotations. Instead of someone saying “shit” as it relates to fecal matter, it is usually in the context of “you’re full of shit,” which is to say, “you are speaking things that are either untrue or hurtful.” And on those wonderful times when some coach can be overheard screaming, “What the fuck are you doing,” the meaning has no carnal implications, but really means, “How could you have fumbled the ball is such a careless way.” It’s like when I say the FCC is full of shit and needs to go fuck themselves—that’s not meant in the most literal way imaginable.

What I’m trying to get at here is that more often than not “shit” and “fuck” are used on television and radio as expletives used to express thoughts and meanings outside of the scope of their most base and traditional connotations. But still the FCC has attempted to police these and other words, because that is as close as the government and “concerned citizens” can come to policing our thoughts. We saw all of this played out recently during the Don Imus debacle, and we hear about it every time someone says “nigger,” and people want to ban that word.

Banning words does not change the thought behind those words. We could make the word “nigger” a federal offense, and the use of it a crime punishable by death, but that would not change the thought behind the word. Stopping a racist from calling me a nigger does not stop the racist from thinking less of me. You can call black people “sunshine and roses,” and if the connotation is filled with hate and contempt, it becomes as ugly as nigger.

So, where am I going with all of this? The point I’m trying to make is that this recent ruling is potentially very important, because it could help keep the FCC, which has been running rampant, in check. The reality is that the FCC has been ruling against networks and handing out fines for the use of “shit” and “fuck” when used in non-literal contexts like those I explained above. At the same time, both Bush and Cheney have been heard using these words in public settings, and they get away with it. If I need to point out the inherent hypocrisy in an administration that shits and fucks in public with impunity, and then seeks to penalize others for shitting and fucking in public, then there is no intelligent discourse to be had.


One Response to “Go F*ck Yourself While I Take a Sh*t!”

  1. Chief Scalpum Whiteman Says:

    I hear a lot about the FCC on the Ham Radio forums. In my opinion, the FCC should be mostly about spectrum enforcement, that is, keeping the shithead pirate radio stations from blowing out the rest of the stations, emergency services, etc, and for making sure that my neighbor’s touch lamp (a notorious radio frequency interference source) doesn’t stop me from watching my stories.

    There are non-shithead pirate radio stations out there, though. In particular, I spotted one down by PSU on 98.1 (which is one of the only non-occupied spots on the FM band in Portland).

    I haven’t seen anything that conclusively says that the FCC is the guardian of morality. If these guys who swear on the air are violating some law, then let the cops deal with it.

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