Benoit Dead. Hilton Free. Gonzales Still an Asshole.


Professional wrassler Chris Benoit, his wife and their 7 year-old son were found dead in their home, in what authorities are calling a murder-suicide. As of this moment, details are vague, but reports indicate that Benoit killed both his wife and son before taking his own life. Being a fan of wrasslin’ I was shocked and saddened to hear the news. While trying to learn more of the details I was even more shocked and saddened by some of the comments people have been posting on the Internet.

To all the idiot motherfuckers out there posting stupid things about Benoit, how this is something to do with WWE publicity, or whatever other nonsense is being voiced; please keep something in mind—THREE HUMAN BEINGS ARE DEAD!!! Show some respect and intelligence you fucking assholes!!! And equally as important, when the details finally come out about what happened, and if it is revealed to be a murder-suicide, rather than pointing fingers and making snide comments, take time to learn about whatever mental illness would compel someone to kill their family and then take their own life.**

Speaking of being snide: Paris Hilton is out of jail. I’m sure that her experience there was on par with Dr. Martin Luther King’s time spent in the Birmingham jail. Privileged white girls who forsake intelligence and common sense while placing all of their self-worth in their tits and ass are lucky to have a drum major for justice such as Paris Hilton fighting for their rights from the joint. All of America should raise their daughters to aspire to be Paris Hilton.

In other news: war continues in Iraq and Alberto Gonzales is still a liar. President Bush continues to support Attorney General Gonzales in what amounts to him telling the American people, “Truth and justice don’t mean shit. Go fuck yourselves.”


**NOTE: Since my original posting The Associated Press has reported that Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his son and then hanged himself. These repost comes from a law enforcement official who only spoke anonymously. It is still not known what motivated Benoit to apparently kill his family and then himself, but there is, without a doubt many complexities the media may very well likely fail to report. The fact of the matter is that no one does what Benoit is alleged to have done unless they are have very serious emotional and possibly mental problems. In my earlier rant about Michael Moore’s film Sicko, one of the things I did not mention was the film’s total failure to address problems within mental healthcare. This unfortunate situation with Benoit is a grim reminder that some of our most serious health problems can be invisible and often dismissed because we as a society are not willing to deal adequately with illnesses that effect the mind and the emotions.



6 Responses to “Benoit Dead. Hilton Free. Gonzales Still an Asshole.”

  1. hihat Says:

    Needed to get some stuff off of your chest?

    At least that asshole judge in Washington suing for the dry cleaner for 54 million dollars got his case thrown out.

  2. alsanto Says:

    What a mess eh!

  3. hihat Says:

    Did you see they were injecting their kid with HGH, because he was “undersized.” If that’s not fucked up, I don’t know what is. A truly sad story.

  4. Adam C. Says:

    I think the fact that steroids appear to be involved prevent people from feeling compassion for Benoit himself. It’s surely a tragedy. I mean, the dude was giving his child growth hormone injections because the family thought he was undersized. I am not saying these things are the cause of Benoit’s acts, I am just so shocked and stumped at the level of the mental distress someone would have to suffer in order to commit such unbelievable murders.

  5. David Walker Says:

    One fact that hasn’t been coming out in some stories is that Benoit’s son also had a learning disability similar to autism. Clearly this was a family that was dealing with some very serious problems, and did not know how to cope. I am not making excuses for what Benoit did, but I think there are many people dealing with health issues that seem overwhelming.

  6. ClubSandwich Says:

    Hey, man – this is Eli. We’ve met a few time – not sure if you remember. I’m a friend of Noah, Ryan, Ian, Mike, etc..

    In any case – great site. Thanks for the reminder on those Shaw Bros. re-issues; I’m buying them now.

    The sad thing is this will be blamed on ‘roid rage and tucked away.

    Setting aside for a moment that ‘roid rage as a phenomenon is unproven in my mind, I tend to be pretty skeptical about drug hysteria in general – especially as an easy answer to complex problems.

    I’m watching ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ tonight and ‘Sicko’ tomorrow. My (super unscientific) goal is a compare / contrast based on annual lives lost per industry vs. annual revenue per industry.

    I suspect I know how that’ll go…

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