New Projects!!!


This week I’m heading down to Los Angeles and San Diego for Comic-Con. If you’re going to be at Comic-Con, keep your eyes peeled for me—I’ll be the good looking motherfucker wearing a BadAzz MoFo t-shirt. I’m not setting up at the show, but I will be around all day Friday and Saturday, and most likely part of Thursday.

In other news, I’m pleased to announce two special projects. First, there is The Blind Monkey Style, a comic book story I scripted for my main man Robert Love. With a little luck it will be picked up as series. In the meantime, check out Robert’s Blind Monkey Style website.

The other project is my feature film Damaged Goods. This film was made over three years ago, and has had a ton of setbacks, but it is slowly coming together, and I will be releasing it, as well as Black Santa’s Revenge on DVD later this year. And Speaking of Black Santa’s Revenge, I will have a rough cut of the movie with me at San Diego Comic-Con, so if you see me, I might be willing to show you some select scenes.



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