ALERT: Jigabafoon Watch!!!


He shucks! He jives! He prances around with so much minstrel gaiety and audacious jigabafoonery that he manages to set black people back over a hundred years by just barely bugging his eyes. I’m of course talking about Cuba Gooding, Jr. the Oscar-winning actor who takes coonalicious spookery to all new lows whenever he appears on screen. And just when you though, “Hopefully this shameless motherfucker’s career is over,” he does the sambo shuffle back on to the big screen.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw the trailer Daddy Day Camp, the sequel to the insipid Daddy Day Care, which starred Eddie Murphy. While I freely admit to having once been a fan of Murphy, his career took a downward spiral that culminated in him doing the old jigabafoon shuck-n-jive routine a few times too many. Among Murphy’s most egregious forays into the wonderful world of entertaining white people at the expense of making black people look foolish was Daddy Day Care. And while Murphy has clearly proven that he’ll do pretty much anything if you throw enough bucks his way, apparently Daddy Day Camp was too shitty even for him. Think about that. Daddy Day Camp was too shitty for the man who starred in Norbit, Pluto Nash, and Beverly Hills Cop III. What does that tell you?

daddydaycamp.jpgIt must bring the white people who run Hollywood endless comfort knowing that even if something is too crappy for Eddie Murphy to humiliate himself with, they can still count on Cuba “Snow Dogs” Gooding, who will gladly put on the sort of show that would rival anything we might hope to see either in Uncle Coonie’s Jive Time Spearchucking Revue & Hootenanny (or a KKK recruiting video).

Although I can only speak for myself, as one black man to another, I am imploring Cuba: PLEASE STOP. After all these years, we still have problems in this country with how we are perceived. Aren’t athletes, rappers and the entire Wayans family making us look bad enough on a regular basis?


2 Responses to “ALERT: Jigabafoon Watch!!!”

  1. redronin3 Says:

    dude… this ain’t nothin’. if you think this was embarrassing, check out a movie Cuba did back in 1994 called “Lightning Jack” w/ Paul Hogan. my man cuba is downright militant in “Daddy Day Camp” by comparison.

  2. David Walker Says:

    Telling me to watch Lightning Jack is like asking me to pull your finger.

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