The President's Anus: Saying Good Riddance to Karl Rove

rove.jpgEarlier this week Karl Rove, the political strategist and adviser to George W. Bush, announced his resignation. The latest member of the Bush team to grab a lifeboat while the presidential ship continued to sink, Rove played a crucial role in helping get this bumbling moron elected, as well as fucking this country in the ass in a way few rational people could have ever imagined (unless of course you’ve watched The Omen trilogy).

I was all set to post one of my long-winded rants about Rove and Bush and the legacy of steaming shit they have left behind, but like my thoughts on the recent bridge collapse in Minnesota, I found others had managed to say what I was thinking, only in much better ways. Here are links to three editorials about Rove that I found fascinating. Yahoo! News. The San Jose Mercury News. Counterpunch.


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