Now on DVD — Black Santa's Revenge!!!

My short film, Black Santa’s Revenge, starring Ken Foree, has finally arrived on DVD. Orders are now being taken at the official Black Santa website. Discs will start shipping late next week. Order your copy today!!!

BSR was independently produced and financed, and it is being independently distributed as well. The future of indie cinema is going to be dependent upon filmmakers distributing their movies themselves, and audiences supporting such projects. The current distribution model is such that independent filmmakers must raise money themselves, only to hand their film over to distributors that often times do not give up-front money. Many filmmakers struggle to make back any money in these scenarios, even on low-budget films that cost under $20,000. Rather than bust my ass and spend my own money to make a film, only to have someone else make money off of it, I have decided to get it out there myself. All the money earned from sales of Black Santa’s Revenge will go to pay off the production cost of the film. After those expenses are taken care of, the remainder of the money will go to developing a feature-length version of BSR. Thanks for your support.


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