BadAzz MoFo's Holiday Gift Guide

It is that time of year when we often find ourselves flummoxed as we search for the right gift for friends and family. I’ve made it very easy for all of you by compiling the first-ever BadAzz MoFo Holiday Gift Guide. There isn’t a ton of stuff on this list, but it is all 100% endorsed by me.

First of all, we have the DVD section. Let’s kick this off with a little self-promotion as I recommend Black Santa’s Revenge. This is the latest film by yours truly, starring the legendary Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil’s Rejects), and now available on DVD. Next we have the great documentary Abel Raises Cain. I saw this at Slamdance a few years ago, showed it at my festival, and really, reeeeeeally liked this movie (I’ll be posting a review very soon). The filmmakers are self distributing it, so show some love. And finally, we have Darius Goes West, a documentary I can’t praise enough. This is also being self-distributed, and even though there’s a slim chance the discs won’t be ready for the holidays, all the proceeds go to Charley’s Fund, a non-profit that raises money to find a cure or treatment for Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. In fact, you can also donate money directly to Charley’s Fund.

Next we have music. There is only one album I am recommending this year—Lifesavas’ Gutterfly, the best hip-hop album of the year. I’m not just saying this ‘cause these are my boys, I’m saying this because the album is a modern classic.

I only have two books I’m going to push on you. First is Max Brooks’ World War Z, one of the best works of fiction I’ve read in a long time. And in more shameless self-promotion, there’s the PopGun Comics Anthology. This features a story by me and Robert Love (Blind Monkey Style), as well as work by friends like Jim Mahfood, Dave Crossland, and Jamie Rich. Oh yeah, you can also buy back issue of BadAzz MoFo, which are the perfect stocking stuffer.


Finally, in still more shameless self-promotion, let me recommend a t-shirt from my friends at Rotten Cotton. Not only are they the official licensor of BadAzz MoFo t-shirts, they also have an amazing selection of designs featuring horror movies, cult films, and an odd assortment of demented and offensive material. If Rotten Cotton isn’t your thing, purchase a Darius Goes West shirt (proceeds also go to Charley’s Fund).


And finally, if you are too broke to afford anything, just make sure you tell the people that mean the most to you that you love them. Gifts are cool, but letting someone know exactly how you feel is the best present you can get. Nothing makes me feel better than when someone says to me, “I love you, motherfucker.”


One Response to “BadAzz MoFo's Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. mikimonster Says:

    I love you, motherfucker. And I really hope that aching bod of yours feels even a tiny bit better after the soak. Cheers. Thinking of you.

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