It's a Wonderful Life

Well, I’m headed out the door in a few minutes for my tour of duty, but I wanted to share a holiday treat with everyone. Here is one of my favorite bands performing the unofficial theme to one of my favorite movies.

And as an extra special treat, here is Donny Hathaway singing his classic, “This Christmas.”


One Response to “It's a Wonderful Life”

  1. jamiesrich Says:

    Believe it or not, I saw the video for Fishbone’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” before I ever saw the movie itself. I cherished that cassette EP for years, as it never came out on its own on DVD.

    I was happy to discover after reading this that all four songs from the EP are on iTunes as part of a compilation. Though scattered over the comp, they still run in order according to the original tracklist. Woo!

    So, your work here is done! Merry Whatsit!

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