Back Issue SUPER SALE!!!!


Here’s the deal…It’s tax time, and I owe The Man some loot. I also have too many back issues lying around, and I want to get rid of some. And finally, the United States Postal Service is raising its rates in May. All of these factors have led to the SUPER CLEARANCE SALE. Between now and April 30, 2008, you can get 5 issues of BAMF for $10. You get BadAzz MoFo # 3, 5, 6, 7 and Super Digest #3 all for the LOW price of $10 (that includes shipping and handling). That means each issue is only costing you $2.50 each!!! ORDER TODAY!!!


2 Responses to “Back Issue SUPER SALE!!!!”

  1. D-nice Says:

    do you take money orders?

  2. David Walker Says:

    Send money orders to BadAzz MoFo; P.O. Box 40649; Portland, OR 97240

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