T-Shirt of the Week: WEEK 27

tsotw-button-1.jpgSome people believe you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. I believe you can tell more about a person by the t-shirts they have worn. This is the story of my life, as told by the t-shirts I have worn.

WEEK 27: This is a very recent edition to the BAMF t-shirt collection. It was given to me by my good friend Mariecella and her family as a Christmas present. Because the shirt itself is so new, there really isn’t much of a story surrounding it. At the same time, I think the shirt says a lot about friendship, and how well people can know you.


First of all, I should say that by and large, I’m not much of a “present” person. Not that I don’t like getting presents, it’s just that I would prefer people spend money on someone else—especially if they have children. Maricella has two daughters—5 and 10 years old—and in all honesty, I would have rather had her and her husband spend the money on the girls. At the same time, I won’t lie, because I love this shirt.

I already have a t-shirt with Redd Foxx on it, it’s one of my BadAzz MoFo designs, and I wear it pretty regularly when I’m working out. I suppose now is a good time to say that Maricella has her own dance studio where she teaches both a hip-hop dance class, and a cross-training fitness class. I’ve been taking dance class from her ever since she opened the studio, which was about six years ago. I know the image of me dancing is hilarious, but that doesn’t excuse you laughing at me, so shut the fuck up.

I’ve known Mariecella for over 16 years. I can’t remember how we exactly met, but she worked at Gold’s Gym, and we knew some mutual people. She taught some aerobic classes, and I’m sure I took a few, but she was famous for teaching this hip-hop class. I tried taking it once or twice, and made a total fool of myself. She would pester me to take the class, but I was too embarrassed. I would tell her that when she opened her own place and taught a class for beginners that I would be there. Being true to my word, I was there when she first opened the studio, and I’ve been taking classes ever since.


Okay, that’s the back story. I wear my BadAzz MoFo Redd Foxx shirt (available from Rotten Cotton) to class. But I never think about it, and I never wear it to make some sort of statement or impression. It’s simply one of several shirts I put on when I work out, provided the shirt is clean at the time. Still, I really like that particular shirt, and I like Redd Foxx. But what I like about the shirt Mariecella and her family gave me is that it embodies what a great present should be.

To me, a great present is one of two things. A great present is either something that someone gives to you that says, “This is what I think of you,” or it is something that makes you think of the person who gave it to you. And when a present is really great—like this shirt—it is both. You should be able to look at anything you have, and if it was a present from someone, you should be able to say who it was that gave it to you. That’s why I hate giving gift cards, and it’s why I sometimes obsess over what to buy people—I want every gift to have meaning. The last thing I want to do is give one of my godchildren a present, and have them look at it and think, “What the fuck is this crap?” Although I doubt 3 year-old Sebastian would phrase it quite like that. My point is that that old saying, “it’s the thought that counts,” is totally true.

I guess I should clarify that it doesn’t matter what someone gives me, because every present has meaning to me, even if it doesn’t have much meaning to the person giving it to me. Some presents I’ve been given are totally impractical.

My good friend Ted once gave me a bra that belonged to an ex-girlfriend of his. She had left it at his apartment, and he gave it to me as a present. A few years later, one of my girlfriends found the bra in my bedroom (I’m still not sure why she was snooping around), and we got into a fight over it. She wanted to know who the bra belonged to, and refused to believe it was a present from Ted. “Why the hell would some guy give you a bra?” she demanded.

Because that’s the kind of guy Ted Pirro is. And that’s why after twenty years, I still have the bra, and he’s still my friend, and I have no idea what happened to her. (That was Crazy Liz, by the way.)

Anyway, this shirt was a present from Maricella and her family. It will never be my “Redd Foxx shirt.” It will be my “Redd Foxx shirt that Mariecella and her family gave to me.” And that’s what makes it great present.


One Response to “T-Shirt of the Week: WEEK 27”

  1. mikimonster Says:

    That’s just nice. 🙂 Sure beats that metallic monkey made in Thailand that I got you one year. I think you found out that when you put a candle in it it heats up the whole thing?
    I just though it was funny when I bought it. 😦

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