Charlton Heston: R.I.P.

Sure, he may have been a right-wing jackass who said some really fucked up things over the years (not mention he was the spokesman for the NRA), but Charlton Heston was also in some great fuckin’ movies. And now he is dead.
Some people have never been able to reconcile Heston’s politics with his work as an actor. Luckily for me, I first saw him in the original Planet of the Apes long before I knew about what his politics were all about. As a kid growing up, and even today, Planet of the Apes remains one of my all-time favorite films. In the days before home video, about the only time I would get to see the film was when it would air on television, first during primetime, and then on the 4:30 Movie, which would air Monday through Friday on Channel 7.

It was the 4:30 Movie that also introduced me to The Omega Man and Soylent Green, two other childhood favorites starring Heston. The Omega Man doesn’t hold up as well as I would hope, but Soylent Green is still a solid film. Heston also starred in some other classic films, including The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, Major Dundee, and Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil. But for me, it will always be about Planet of the Apes.
Some of you may not be able to see past Heston and his personal beliefs, and that’s your prerogative. But if that’s the case, you’re missing out on some great films. Rest in peace, Chuck.


4 Responses to “Charlton Heston: R.I.P.”

  1. Chuck Heston R.I.P « Grumpy Guy Cinema Says:

    […] Chuck Heston R.I.P I hated his politics, but I guess Badazz Mofo explains it the best for me. […]

  2. D-nice Says:

    Ya’ll forgetting something..Heston was marching with King during the Civil Rights movement.I think its hard to label Heston’s politics in conservative or liberal.He believed in basic human rights whether it was the right to vote or to bear arms.I don’t know in this day and age, can someone be judge on the merit of their work and not their flaws…Ike Turner wrote the first rock n’ roll song but what is he known for…beating Tina:-(
    BTW,George Clooney who was against everything Heston stood for and said some pretty derogatory things about Heston when it was annouced that Heston had Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago.Heston set aside any personal criticism of Clooney but hope the young man or his loved ones wouldn’t suffer the fate as himself. Interesting.

  3. Totalnerd Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Dave.

    We just had this conversation yesterday: there are some incredible films starrting Heston, but the only thing you heard about him the last 10+ years is the NRA cold dead hands thing and that really embarrassing shit from Bowling for Columbine. But the man was Moses and Ben Hur for chrissake, and the guy who said “Soylent Green Is People!” and “You blew it up! Damn you all to hell!” etc., and it is important really to separate a person’s political feelings from his/her artistic output.

  4. miki Says:

    His teeth. They frightened me.

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