And the Winner Is…

It is with all humility and a great sense of honor that I tell everyone, yours truly has been awarded the 2008 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship. This fellowship was made possible by the combined resources of The Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Oregon Film & Video Office and the Northwest Film Center/Portland Art Museum. A total of 71 filmmakers applied for the fellowship, but only two projects were chosen, mine being one of them.

Pretty much anything I say is going to sound either corny, contrived or cliché, but I really am honored to have been given this fellowship, which will be used to help finance my new film, Affirmative Action. The two biggest inspirations for the film are Louis Malle’s seminal My Dinner with Andre, and my own personal experiences making my blaxploitation documentary (see clip below). Affirmative Action depicts a dinner conversation among three aging black action heroes whose iconic personas helped define African-American masculinity in post-Civil Rights era America. As they ruminate about the past, discussing their integral role in creating a pop culture mythology of empowerment, they also discuss the role they played in laying the groundwork for the current images and stereotypes that now dominate mass media.

In the weeks and months ahead, I will no doubt be writing quite a bit about this new project. I hope to announce the cast sometime within the next eight weeks. Until then, I want to once again thank everyone responsible for choosing to give me the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship, as well as everyone who has supported and encouraged my creative endeavors.


2 Responses to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. L13 Says:

    mucho congrats dude

  2. blorvak Says:

    Nice work!

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