film review (sort of): PINEAPPLE EXPRESS

I saw Pineapple Express and I really liked it. But I was too lazy to write a review. Here is a review by my friend Jamie Rich. I pretty much agree with what he says (the only thing I would add is the feeling of “I can’t believe this movie got made” wonderment I had while watching the film).



2 Responses to “film review (sort of): PINEAPPLE EXPRESS”

  1. erika Says:

    OMG I *totally* saw that movie!!! it was AWESOME. I particularly liked the moments of whatever the opposite of foreshadowing is (is that what it was) like old deep sea dive suites hanging on the wall of the drug lord hangout, or the coughing Saul does in the tomb/womb rebirth like after that bonding hit off the weed, and also that joint shaped like a little burning voodoo man… it’s very Moby Dick, this story, and all it’s layers of sign and symbol, and I wasn’t even high when I watched it. I was momentarily troubled by the racial stereotyping, and esp the “asian” gang with the leader so creatively named “chang” and their kung-fu, ninja, etc etc etc etc etc until I realized this whole film works best as a total stoner fantasy and that is exactly the type of scenario someone would come up if they were smoking the killer chronic… ANYHOOO I totally didn’t know that cops could triangulate your cell phones like that. Damn.

  2. erika Says:

    oh and PowWow Highway. There’s a little dash of PowWow Highway in there too…

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