Joe Lieberman and the Sonderkommandos

Sonderkommando was the name given to the Jews that were forced to help the Nazis dispose of bodies in concentration camps. This was not a duty they wanted, rather it was forced upon them. In exchange for the work they did, Sonderkommandos were allowed to live longer than the other Jews, in different barracks, with better food and access to medicine. But when all was said and done, the Sonderkommandos were executed just like the others.

Joe Lieberman is a bit like the Sonderkommandos. The key difference is that he has a choice in the duties he carries out for a party that favors conservative Christians who believe Jews will burn in Hell.



One Response to “Joe Lieberman and the Sonderkommandos”

  1. L13 Says:

    harsh but true
    next they roll out ghouliani
    they are keeping cheney and bush far from this pathetic washed out show
    liberman=definition of a flip flopping douchecake
    what a weiner

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