When GOP Got Cancer

This special post is brought to you courtesy of Bonnie Walker (my mother).

Today, September 21, 2008 in Portland, OR, there is the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure”. It is a run/walk for women survivors and their supporters who have or have had breast cancer. It is also in memory of those who have succumbed to the disease. These race/walk events take place all over the country in an effort to raise both awareness and funds in combating breast cancer. Portland’s race/walk is one of the largest in the USA.

This essay is not about cancer per se, although it came to mind that cancer is a profound metaphor for the state of health in this country. To make this metaphor a bit more personal, we will consider our country to be an individual person. This person’s name is GOP.

GOP was a “self-made, god-fearing” man. He amassed great wealth and spent it on whatever whim struck his fancy. He had always thought of himself as healthy, although he actually paid little heed to what was considered to be healthful or health-minded. He basically consumed or did anything he had the urge to do. If he got a bit sick, he figured it was just the way it was. He never went to any type of health practitioner, but he did on occasion buy healthcare products advertised in the media [however he never read any of the labels or health warnings on these products]. GOP was also “a good religious person”. He belonged to no affiliated religion, but he sure as hell knew who was going to heaven and who would be going to hell. [Anyone who thought or behaved or looked differently than GOP was in his mind hell-ward bound].

One day GOP felt really ill. He dragged himself to the nearest cheap-o-matic drug store and bought items to combat his many symptoms. Nothing worked and his illness spread making him sicker and sicker. He eventually collapsed on the street one day and was taken to a local hospital. After a few tests it was determined that GOP had cancer. He actually had numerous kinds of cancer and they were all considered aggressive and deadly. GOP agreed to go through the suggested treatments after having 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, ad nauseum medical opinions. The treatments were very strong and had to be because the cancer was so potent. However, at this time GOP’s body was so weak that the treatments were killing off the good and healthy cells and actually doing very little to kill off the cancer. Unfortunately this is sometimes the way it is.

The practitioners who treated GOP stuck to their treatment plan without waver. They knew it was a hopeless case but nevertheless would not cease in their treatment. They would not consider other options, as their thought processes ran similar to GOP’s. About this time a new practitioner/Healer came upon the scene. His medical background was broader based and included nutritional, naturopathic and other complementary forms of medicine, as well as traditional medicine. This Healer spoke with GOP and his narrow-minded practitioners. He made some suggestions that would at the least make GOP more comfortable and better able to tolerate the anti-cancer treatments. There was even some chance that GOP could survive. GOP and his minions refused to listen.

Meanwhile the immediate and extended families of GOP were suffering tremendously. GOP had a large number of dependants [he believed in procreation without restraint], who had themselves a large number of dependants. If nothing else they were living the creed of their father and could not/would not see beyond his narrow-mindedness. All of GOP’s vast fortune was going toward fighting the cancer. There was no savings, no alternative plans, nothing. GOP did not teach his dependants how to care for themselves; he did not teach them how to share. The Healer tried to speak to these dependants, for the sake of GOP and for themselves. He spoke of other plans to help GOP do the best he could and also to help the dependants break out of the cycle they had inherited from their procreator.

A number of GOP’s dependants did listen to the Healer. They were able to begin to both heal and educate themselves and in turn help others to do the same.

As for GOP, he died; it was an ugly death. His staunch dependants continued to follow in GOP’s footsteps and they too ended the way he did.

What is the meaning/moral of the story? Our country is beyond sick; its very core is dying. If we do not change, it will be catastrophic, but not only for us as a country, but for other countries of the world as well. If we allow the powers that be to continue with their greed, their blind and narrow-minded attitude to the rest of their countrymen and their phallic quest for violence and power, we are not only dooming all of mankind, we are dooming mother-earth and all her inhabitants.

There are other ways to heal our country and help the rest of the world heal. Open your eyes and ears to the possibility, the probability to change. Throw off your bigotry. This old shit doesn’t work anymore; listen to those who can holistically offer avenues for wellness.

If the host dies; we all die too………and it will be an untimely and gruesomely painful death. The End.

Vote in November. Vote for Obama/Biden. Allow us to change. Give us a chance. Thank you. In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC


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