In the Army

There are some major developments going on in my life, and I wanted to share them with anyone who is interested. I have been hired to run something here in Portland called the Intel Computer Clubhouse. The ICC is an after school and summer learning program for under privileged young people that provides creative and technological resources and education. In Portland, the ICC is operated by the Salvation Army (hence my announcement that I have joined the Army). It is my hope that this new job with provide me with an opportunity to help young people that are marginalized or lacking guidance, so that they can begin to maximize their potential. I’m headed off to Boston for training this week, so chances are pretty good that I won’t be updating any of my sites/pages while I’m gone. I still plan on doing as much writing as possible, so keep checking back at all the usual places.


2 Responses to “In the Army”

  1. mhatter Says:

    Hey David,

    Congrats on the new “quest”. I hope you keep active in the film world as you are mentoring all those youngsters! Where is the ICC actually located?

    Steve Herring

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