The New Adventures of David Walker

jugglingheadThose of you paying attention to the Adventures of David Walker should know by now that I have a new job. But just in case you missed any recent updates to this ongoing saga, I’ll give you all a brief recap. Less than two weeks ago I interview for the position of “coordinator” for something called the Intel Computer Clubhouse. Three days later I was hired, and three days after that I flew to Boston for training at the Museum of Science. The ICC is an after school and summer learning program founded by M.I.T. and the Museum of Science that serves under privileged young people by providing creative and technological resources and education. The ICC in Portland is hosted by the Salvation Army, and has been closed for quite some time, and my job is to get it up and running, create a curriculum, recruit volunteer instructors/mentors, and find young people to teach.

There is no doubt that the tasks ahead of me will be epic. As someone who has published his own magazine, produced his own movies, worked as a newspaper editor with no formal training, and started a film festival from the ground up, this is easily the most daunting challenge I have faced. But I’m going to give it my best shot. I have undergone an incredible week of training with other coordinators of other clubhouses from all over the world, and while I feel like I’m in over my head, I also feel like I’m in great company.

Sometimes I am truly awed by the course life takes. A few years ago, I never would have imagined doing a job like this. And a few years before that, I never would have imagined myself running a film festival, or working as a newspaper editor, and on and on down the list. But life places challenges/opportunities in front of us, and it seems to me the point of life itself is to do a little dance with some of these challenges, with the hope that doing so will make this time on Earth that much more of a rewarding experience.

Honestly, I don’t know how any of this will work out. But I suppose that’s what life is all about. While I’m meeting the new challenges of the job, I plan to keep writing and maintaining my various websites/blogs. The content of what I post may change, and may come a bit less frequently for the time being, but I’m still committed to this little ego trip of mine that involves me writing about whatever I feel like, and hoping that four or five of you read it, so please be patient with me if the posts don’t come as often as they should.


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