Blackenstein for President?

bsteinI find no end to the amusement provided by RNC Chairman Michael Steele (a.k.a. Blackenstein), a man I look at with slack-jawed wonder every time he opens his mouth. Now he’s talking about possibly running for president. Please excuse me…I simultaneously pissed myself with laughter and vomited in disgust. Calling Blackenstein a retard would be an affront to all mentally challenged people across the globe, just as calling him a sell out would somehow undermine the efforts of ever non-white person who has attempted to make white people accept them by buying into the Myth of Ofay Superiority (MOOS). He transcends both retardation and self-hating sell out-ism. Someone needs to talk some sense into Blackenstein, perhaps by performing some sort of exorcism that involves force-feeding him fried chicken and watermelon while repeatedly playing James Brown’s “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” Or maybe someone should just beat his ass like he was a runaway slave.  At the same time, I can’t express how much I enjoy the grand spectacle of stupidty that follows him everywhere like the lingering stench of rancid flatulence. If nothing else, Michael Steele serves as a beautiful counter balance to President Obama, giving people everywhere a wonderful way to gauge the measure of a man, and providing a burning question we can ask our children for generations to come: Do you want to be like Barack or be like Blackenstein?


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