I Love Jesse Ventura


Professional wrestler, former Governor of Minnesota, actor, Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War and publisher author. Jesse Ventura has done much in his life time, but nothing seems quite as impressive as the way he has been laying waste to conservative talk show hosts and media loudmouths as he makes the rounds on television promoting his new book (which amazingly, he never actually mentions during his interviews). Normally, I don’t watch guys like Sean Hannity, because in addition to not agreeing with his political views, I find him and many of those like him to be total fucking idiots. They spew right wing neo-con rhetoric meant to rile the unwashed masses and close-minded bigots that hide behind the Bible while clutching an American flag like it was security blanket. People like Hannity and the hosts of Fox and Friends only seem intelligent to the people who are at least as ignorant as they are, if not more so. But when these morons square off against someone like Jesse Ventura, who does not intimidate easily, they show the true colors of their stupidity. Here is a clip of Ventura on Fox and Friends, where co-host Brian Kilmeade comes across like a clueless fucking idiot. Here he is with Sean Hannity, who comes across like even more of a clueless fucking idiot. The first rule of being the host of any show is that you never let your guest take control and get the better of you. Sure, it happens, but Watching Ventura decimate these people, you have to wonder how in the Hell did anyone give a dumb douche bags like Hannity or Kilmeade jobs in television journalism.


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