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A Quick Update

July 29, 2009

My apologies for not posting anything in nearly two weeks. I have a great excuse, but I’m not going to share it, just in case I need to use it some other time.

Another Black Lightning Cartoon…HILARIOUS!!!

July 15, 2009

Read my Black Superhero Article on MSN

July 15, 2009


I have an new article about Black Superheroes on MSN. Check it out, leave some feedback and tell a friend.

BadAzz MoFo's Book of BLAXPLOITATION, Volume One

July 14, 2009

book-coverIt took forever, but I am pleased to announce that BadAzz MoFo’s Book of BLAXPLOITATION, Volume One has finally arrived. Right now, some of you might be wondering, “Exactly what is BadAzz MoFo’s Book of BLAXPLOITATION, Volume One?” Well, my dear friends (and enemies as well), BadAzz MoFo’s Book of BLAXPLOITATION, Volume One is a 116-page collection of old blaxploitation reviews that have been long out of print. We’re talking reviews from the first issues of BAMF (all of which have been updated and edited), including all-time classics like The Baron, Truck Turner and The Spook Who Sat By the Door, as well as all-time crap like Speeding Up Time and Blackenstein. But there are also all new reviews that have never seen print before, including The Soul of Nigger Charley, Super Dude, The Liberation of L.B. Jones and The Thing with Two Heads. This collection has been a long time coming, and diehard fans of both blaxploitation and BadAzz MoFo will not be disappointed. The book is available print-on-demand, $15 for paperback, or $7 for digital download. For now the book can only be ordered through Lulu. Click HERE to order your copy today.

Black Lightning Returns!

July 10, 2009

This is hilarious.

I Had Swine Flu, and All I Got Was Sick

July 9, 2009

No one showed up at my place wearing hazmat suits with a huge “quarantine” sign to hang on the front door. In fact, it was nothing more than a phone call from the doctor who had treated me at the emergency room this past Monday. “Mr. Walker, the test results have come back, and you tested positive for H1N1 flu.”


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

July 8, 2009

Whenever I have some free time at work, I’ve been teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator. I doubt that I will ever use it for more than doing cyber doodles, but it’s nice just be learning some new tricks. We also have a drawing tablet and one of those electronic pens at work, but I haven’t used those yet. The pictures that I’m posting were “drawn” freehand, using the mouse (which isn’t easy). This first drawing is something of a self portrait. It was the first piece I completed in Illustrator. (more…)