Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Whenever I have some free time at work, I’ve been teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator. I doubt that I will ever use it for more than doing cyber doodles, but it’s nice just be learning some new tricks. We also have a drawing tablet and one of those electronic pens at work, but I haven’t used those yet. The pictures that I’m posting were “drawn” freehand, using the mouse (which isn’t easy). This first drawing is something of a self portrait. It was the first piece I completed in Illustrator.


This is Frankenstein’s Monster. It is the second piece I completed in Illustrator (although I started and deleted a few others before finishing this one).


Of the pieces I’ve completed, I like this Batman one the least. It was the third one to be completed, but I think it actually looks rougher than the others.


I decided to do a close up of the Hulk for my fourth piece. I really like how most of it turned out, especially the mouth.

luke cage 2

Luke Cage is my most recent Illustrator project, and I think the best as far as execution. As you can see, I don’t have problems with faces, but I’ve been really uncertain about drawing bodies. I’ve tried few, but working with the mouse was too difficult.


One Response to “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks”

  1. EGGmockradio Says:

    Reminds me of days I doodled on mario paint on the SNES. I was never that talented. And believe me, with a mouse, that is some dang decent work, Mr. MoFo.

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