film review: DISTRICT 9


Much of the hype surrounding director Neill Blomkamp’s politicized science fiction/action thriller is well deserved. It may not be as great as some people are making it out to be, but District 9 is really, really good—to the point it is bordering on “fucking awesome.” It is also one of the most balls-out entertaining movies of the last few years, and the perfect film to end an exceptionally disappointing summer season (Star Trek being the one exception of the craptacular summer blockbusters, of course). District 9 is an incredibly well-crafted film that offers a near perfect blend of action, humor, special effects and political commentary that manages to not be too heavy-handed. It is what the original Alien Nation wanted to be, but failed miserably at (although the subsequent television series was good). I’m not going to get into a long-winded review of the film, primarily because I’m too lazy to write that much, but also because sometimes you just want to enjoy a film as an audience member and not scrutinize it as a critic. If you want a more in depth review, check out this piece by Fatboy Roberts over at Geek in the City (he pretty much echoes my feelings). Or, you can just go with this rather abbreviated recommendation and believe me when I say that you truly enjoy genre films—and by that I mean science fiction, horror, action and all the other shit that makes watching movies fun (minus the gratuitous sex and nudity)—then District 9 is well worth checking out.



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