T-Shirt of the Week: WEEK 31

Some people believe you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. I believe you can tell more about a person by the t-shirts they have worn. This is the story of my life, as told by the t-shirts I have worn.

WEEK 31: Yes, I know it has been a long time since I updated TSOTW. A ridiculously long time. This whole grand project of documenting my life through the t-shirts I have worn started out with the best intentions, but eventually it all seemed to fall apart. One of the reasons—which may or not seem reasonable—was that it got a little depressing for me, going through my closet, week after week, digging out relics from my past. And it wasn’t just because I’ve gotten so fat that many of the shirts don’t fit anymore. I mean all of you should try something similar—rummaging through the artifacts of your life, recounting whatever memories and stories are attached—and see how quickly it messes with your head. Still, despite the psychological trauma this column has wrought at times, and the pathetic delays, I remain committed to this project.

For this week’s installment of TSOTW—the only installment so far in 2009 (how sad is that?!?)—I’ve decided to mix a bit of the past and the present by talking about my love of Batman. Technically, this installment is The Batman Collection #2, the follow-up to an installment that was presented over two years ago (back when I was maintaining this column with some semblance of diligence). You can read The Batman Collection #1 by clicking here.

week 31a

Pictured above is the most recent addition to my t-shirt collection, which, as all of you know, includes not just t-shirts but also hats, socks, underwear and an odd assortment of novelty thongs (which I will never wear). This hoodie sweatshirt was a birthday present that I bought for myself a few weeks back (my birthday was December 1st, and it’s not too late for those of you that want to send presents).

week 31b

My obsession with Batman goes back as far as I can remember, and this cool sweatshirt is part of a lifelong tradition. As you can see in the picture above, the hood of this sweatshirt actually has a mask. I know that as a grown man I’m not supposed to get excited by these things, nor should I wear something like this in public, but this is David Walker we’re talking about. I did remove the cape, which has snap-on buttons. The cape made me look really stupid.

week 31cMy new Batman hoodie joins the oldest piece of the Batman collection, which was also a birthday present. My fifth birthday—one of the greatest birthdays of my life—was a Batman themed birthday. My mom got me a Batman cake from Basin Robbins, a cool Batman transistor radio, and this Batman towel you see pictured below (also, notice the Batman paining I did in the background).

Somewhere, buried deep in a closet full of things I never look at anymore, I still have this towel. There was another Batman towel—not as cool as this one—that joined the collection several years later, but it has long since vanished, along with that transistor radio, the painting and the throw rug (although the throw rug might be a figment of my imagination). There has been so much stuff in the Batman Collection over the years that it starts to boggle the mind. And eventually, more of it will be featured in TSOTW.



One Response to “T-Shirt of the Week: WEEK 31”

  1. GeekintheCity Says:

    Damn you David Walker! Very few writers can make me feel all mushy. But, you pulled in the trifecta of childhood memories, cool moms, and Batman! Bad enough we often look alike, we gotta’ dress alike too! 🙂

    In all seriousness, a very nice post to read. Now, off to read the MSN article.

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