welcomehome2BAMF’s Blaxploitation Archive is a collection of reviews originally written in the 1990s that appeared in the pages of BadAzz MoFo. This review and many others have been reprinted and collected in BadAzz MoFo’s Book of Blaxploitation, Volume One, which is now available for purchase.

WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES 1975 (a.k.a Soul Vengeance) 1975 director: Jamaa Fanaka; starring: Marlo Monte
They say that seeing is believing. Well, Welcome Home Brother Charles has to be seen to be believed. If there is a fine line that separates high art from cheap exploitation, writer, producer, director Jamaa Fanaka straddles it like a circus high wire act, teetering from one side to the other, but always managing to maintain his precarious balance.

Our story begins when our main man Charles (Monte), a two-bit criminal, is busted by some sadistic cops who attempt to castrate him. After serving three years in prison for a crime he didn’t actually commit, Charles returns home, vowing to never deal dope again, and live on the straight and narrow. There is one major exception, however, to Charles’ new found law abiding life style. It seems Brother Charles has got some plans to serve up a serious helpin’ of payback to all those involved in his wrongful stint in the joint.

The quest for revenge takes Welcome Home Brother Charles down a path that results in the most outrageous plot twist ever conceived in the history of film. And by “the most outrageous plot twist ever conceived in the history of film,” what I really mean to say is, “the most outrageous plot twist ever conceived in the history of film.” At first I wasn’t going to divulge what this totally insane thing was, but since everyone who has ever written about this movie spills the beans, I don’t see why I should be any different. Besides, you won’t believe what you’re about to read anyway…

Charles, it seems, has developed the amazing ability to make his penis grow up to fifteen feet long. Maintaining total control of his anaconda-like joint, he then uses his penis to strangle his enemies as if it were a snake. That’s right; he uses his penis to strangle his enemies. You did not just read it wrong. He uses his manhood to kill the evil whiteys.

Produced as a student film while at UCLA, Welcome Home Brother Charles served as an appropriate introduction to Jamaa Fanaka’s work. Fanaka, the man who brought us the classic Penitentiary series, and after whom the term “Fanakaesque” was coined, has created one of the most standout works of the blaxploitation era with this meditation on whitey’s futile attempt to destroy black male sexuality. Crude and amateurish at times, there is a raw, visceral energy to Brother Charles that is only found in a select few films. The first three quarters of this film is as brutal, and hardcore as most people claim Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song is. But for my money, Welcome Home Brother Charles is a better flick. While it may be rough around the edges, it is still easier to watch than Van Pebble’s film, not to mention more entertaining.

Keep in mind that Welcome Home Brother Charles is available on video as Soul Vengeance, it’s more commonly used name. This is a must see film. And keep the remote control handy, ‘cause you’re gonna wanna rewind to see that huge schlong snakin’ across the floor on it’s way to choke the life out of an evil ofay.


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  1. L13 Says:

    “evil ofay”

    walker’s weird world of antiquated sluuuuuuuuurs

    yu rawk dood
    tew kwel!!!

    i need to find this shit
    how did i sleep on this for so long?

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