John Edwards vs. John Edwards' Penis…and the loser is…

USA JOHN EDWARDS FILERWell, that dumbass John Edwards has finally admitted that he had an illegitimate love child with his mistress Rielle Hunter (while his wife Elizabeth was battling cancer). This doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, as Edwards slips further into political oblivion, and on his way to becoming a question on Jeopardy: “What former vice presidential candidate destroyed his career because he couldn’t keep from shooting a load of jizz into a scandalous ho’, and thereby knocking her up?” Back in 2008, when Edwards admitted that he had no control over his dick whatsover (which makes him a lot like George W. Bush, who also couldn’t control his Dick), I talked to God about the situation back then, to get his feelings on the Edwards debacle. You can read the interview HERE.


One Response to “John Edwards vs. John Edwards' Penis…and the loser is…”

  1. EGGmockradio Says:

    Is it sad that I am never surprised by this kinda thing anymore? How bad is it that I just expect massive fail from people who hold these positions. Hoorah for lowered expectations, my friend.

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