LESSONS IN BLACK HISTORY – Marshall and Nannie Hancock

gpa and gmaMARSHALL and NANNIE WALKER – Marshall Walker met Nannie Hancock when they were both still in high school in Charlotte Courthouse, Virginia. Marshall fell in love with Nannie, and when her family moved up north to Connecticut, he followed her, courted her, and eventually married her. They had four children, including my father. Both of my grandparents were active in the Civil Rights movement, campaigning, marching and leading the fight for equality. My grandfather was a successful businessman, who helped many black families that had moved to Connecticut and New York from the south. It seems appropriate that I write about them on Valentine’s Day, as they represent to me what true love and commitment is all about. They also represent the rich cultural history that exists in all families, if we just look beneath the surface. History is not just the people that books are written about. It is also the people who live and die and love and lead lives that the world at large my never know about, but still they leave an impact. My grandparents were the greatest people I ever had the pleasure of knowing, and if there is anything good in me, most of it is due to them (and my mom, who also kicks ass). If you are interested in knowing more about my family history, please click HERE.


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