Happy Birthday, Bonnie Walker

People ask me all the time, “What’s your mom like?” And I tell them, “My mom is nuts.” Think about it…it takes a crazy white woman to raise a militant black son (maybe if she’d been less crazy, I’d have been less militant, more committed to my studies, and could have been President of the United States). Oh well. It’s not her fault she’s crazy or that I didn’t study harder in school.  Don’t get me wrong, because when I say she’s nuts, I don’t mean that she’s Lizzie-Borden-took-an-axe-gave-her-mother-40-wacks nuts. No, my mom is more of a free-spirited eccentric, an aging hippie who believes in the power of love, still hopes for world peace, and is fiercely committed to causes she believes in. That’s all part of what makes her so cool. I have so many great stories to tell about my mom, like the time she beat the crap out of that lady at the laundromat, or the fight she got into with the biker where she slammed his head against a tree, or the time she took me to see First Blood, and freaked out in the theater because she didn’t like what it had to say about Vietnam vets. But I’ll let her tell all those stories when she’s ready to tell ’em. And to be completely honest, my mom has her flaws, as we all do, but she is a great person that inspires me every day (she also drives me up the f**king wall every day). Today is her birthday, and I want the world (or at least anyone taking the time to read this) to know that she is my hero, my friend, and a never-ending source of inspiration.  I love you, mom.


One Response to “Happy Birthday, Bonnie Walker”

  1. joanna Says:

    Such a good son you are – I had a tear in my eye as I read this. And I would really like to hear the beating-the-crap-outta-the-lady-at-the-laundromat story sometime. Awesome.

    My mom’s birthday was the very next day, May 5th. Now I feel like an asshole for not having written a more heartfelt and eloquent message on her birthday card. Fucking overachiever, making me look bad.

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