Thank You, Frank Frazetta

I was about ten years old when I was first introduced to the works of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. At the time, I preferred the work of Boris, simply because his paintings looked more “real.” During these formative years, “realisitic” simply equated to “better,” and to be honest, I simply didn’t know that there was more to art than creating photo realistic images of brawny barbarians and buxotic beauties. But then one day I really looked at a Frazetta painting, and I saw something better than real life. I saw movement and emotion and a vibrant interpretation of what life could look like, if you simply chose to look at it that way. It was through Frazetta that I began to realize an artist could and should do more than make something look real, they should make it look more alive than alive. To some, it might sound silly that my appreciation for art was cultivated by the work of a man who painted album covers for Molly Hatchet and the paperback covers of Robert E. Howard’s Conan books. It might sound artistically sacrilegious to some that I knew the names of Frazetta’s work before I knew the works of DaVinci or Van Gough. But that’s who I am. And thanks to Frank Frazetta, I see the world differently, may he rest in peace.



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