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How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 2

August 30, 2010

It doesn’t take that long for me to begin to wonder if I’ve made a serious mistake or not. I haven’t had much time to really think about what I’m doing, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing it all out in my head. And by the time I make it to the tiny town of Vaughn, Washington, just west of Tacoma, the orientation for volunteer camp counselors has begun, and I’m starting to have major doubts about the decision I’ve made. Once again, I have ventured outside of my comfort zone, and I’m volunteering at a summer camp for kids with neuromuscular diseases. (more…)

Into the Wild

August 21, 2010

Okay folks, I’m heading out into the wilds of Washington state to be a volunteer counselor at Camp Promise, a summer camp for kids with neuromuscular diseases. There won’t be any updates to the site until the end of the month. But be sure to go over to Missing Reel, which should have Episode 4 up any day now.

Missing Reel, Episode 3

August 15, 2010

Here you go, the most recent episode of Missing Reel. Enjoy.

Essential Guide to The Expendables

August 12, 2010

When the cast of Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables was announced, it was an action movie lovers wet dream come true. I mean seriously, not since the glory days of films like The Magnificent Seven, The Dirty Dozen and The Great Escape has there been a more impressive assemblage of cinematic tough guys. Sadly, The Expendables doesn’t quite live up to the pedigree of it’s veteran cast of asskicking dynamos. And even though the film may or may not deliver what you’re looking for in terms of your foot-to-ass entertainment needs, it does provide a great reference point to examine some of the best films from the individual cast members.

To read the rest of this article, click HERE to go to MISSING REEL.

Scott Pilgrim article on MSN

August 12, 2010

Check out my Scott Pilgrim vs. The World article on MSN.

Update on BLACKSTAR WARRIOR and Other Things You Need to Know

August 10, 2010

All of a sudden there’s been a lot of traffic on this site. I guess it has something to do with this whole BLACKSTAR WARRIOR thing so many people are talking about. Well, just so everyone knows exactly what is going on, I am the writer of BLACKSTAR WARRIOR. My good friend Matt Haley is the director. In the very near future I will post something that goes into detail about the history of the project. In the mean time, feel free to check out some of my other projects, including my short film BLACK SANTA’S REVENGE (starring Ken Foree of Dawn of the Dead, and available on DVD), MISSING REEL, a new web series about grindhouse films that I’m co-writing and co-hosting, or any of my long-winded, rambling writing that can be found by trolling through the archives of this site. You can also purchase back issue of my magazine at the Store, and you can watch my award-winning documentary on blaxploitation films, which is posted on line. Here’s the first segment, just to get you started.

Updates, News and Begging for Cash

August 8, 2010

Just in case some of you haven’t been keeping up with the latest things going on around here, let me fill you in on a few things. First, I’m now working on an Internet series called Missing Reel. This is a great overview of grindhouse/exploitation cinema, and the first two episodes are up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Also, some of you have been following my involvement in the rumored blaxploitation Star Wars movie, Blackstar Warrior. And even if you haven’t, you really need to watch the video posted below.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, please show some love by visiting the BAMF Store and buying something. We’ve back issues of the magazines and DVDs of my movies for sale at ridiculously low prices.