Updates, News and Begging for Cash

Just in case some of you haven’t been keeping up with the latest things going on around here, let me fill you in on a few things. First, I’m now working on an Internet series called Missing Reel. This is a great overview of grindhouse/exploitation cinema, and the first two episodes are up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Also, some of you have been following my involvement in the rumored blaxploitation Star Wars movie, Blackstar Warrior. And even if you haven’t, you really need to watch the video posted below.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, please show some love by visiting the BAMF Store and buying something. We’ve back issues of the magazines and DVDs of my movies for sale at ridiculously low prices.


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2 Responses to “Updates, News and Begging for Cash”

  1. seesigi Says:

    I am amazed…very good job, sir.

    You should be very proud.



  2. damonlaw Says:

    Absolutely terrific! This blows the prequels out of the water. Well cast. Great editing. Excellent DP and post. Smartly written. Wilhelm Scream! X2!!! So good!

    -Damon Law
    http://theStark.com . http://damonDesign.com

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