Update on BLACKSTAR WARRIOR and Other Things You Need to Know

All of a sudden there’s been a lot of traffic on this site. I guess it has something to do with this whole BLACKSTAR WARRIOR thing so many people are talking about. Well, just so everyone knows exactly what is going on, I am the writer of BLACKSTAR WARRIOR. My good friend Matt Haley is the director. In the very near future I will post something that goes into detail about the history of the project. In the mean time, feel free to check out some of my other projects, including my short film BLACK SANTA’S REVENGE (starring Ken Foree of Dawn of the Dead, and available on DVD), MISSING REEL, a new web series about grindhouse films that I’m co-writing and co-hosting, or any of my long-winded, rambling writing that can be found by trolling through the archives of this site. You can also purchase back issue of my magazine at the Store, and you can watch my award-winning documentary on blaxploitation films, which is posted on line. Here’s the first segment, just to get you started.


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One Response to “Update on BLACKSTAR WARRIOR and Other Things You Need to Know”

  1. damonlaw Says:


    Amazing work on the BSW short! Rb just told me you were the writer. IS terrific! You’re getting lots of buzz now! Huffington Post! And not a hoax! 😛

    Let me know if you ever need any design work, music or motion graphics ok?

    Damon Law,
    http://damonDesign.com . http://theStark.com

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