The Words & Wisdom of Me

For reasons that that I can’t fully comprehend, people have been wanting to know what’s on my mind lately. In January 2011, I was interviewed four times (once for a radio show and three times for websites). If you have the time, check out any and all of these interviews, which are far more interesting and engaging than I am in real life, and somehow manage to make me sound intelligent. World of Hurt is the website of the greatest web comic on the Internet. Jay Potts is an amazing artist and writer, and in addition to the comic he posts some great articles.  Scott’s Introspection Section has a two-part interview with me, which shows how long-winded I can be. This is a site I only recently discovered, but there is some great pop culture content and insight (including a new interview with rap legend Kool G Rap). KBOO radio’s Lisa Loving is an awesome journalist and even more awesome person.  We had a particularly insightful conversation. Last but not least, there is YNET, an Israeli website that among other things asked me some interesting questions about “Jewsploitation.” For not, this interview is only up in Hebrew, but there should be an English translation soon. And if anyone is interested in hearing me on a weekly basis, don’t forget that I’m a guest every Tuesday morning on the Cort and Fatboy Show, where I manage to talk about nothing on a regular basis.


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