Day 95 (or, Why I Look Like a Bald Wolfman)

On November 25, 2010, I completely shaved my head and face and made a pact with myself. I vowed that I would not cut my hair or shave again until I was holding a copy of my new novel Darius Logan: Super Justice Force in my hand, and I exchanged it with another human being for money. This would motivate me to work diligently to get the book done and printed, because I can’t stand the way I look with a full beard and my sadly receding hairline. Oh, who am I fooling? My hairline isn’t receding, it’s receded. Nothing grows on top, which is really sad, especially when I’ve got a full beard. It makes me look like a bald Wolfman. Well, here we are, a full 95 days later. The picture on the right is me the day after I shaved and made the pact. The picture on the left is me today, more than three months later. Notice how there’s really not much more hair on top of my head now than there was then? Believe me when I say that this has been torture. Every morning I look at myself in the mirror, and I really can’t stand what I see. But this little ploy has worked, and it has kept me on track (for the most part). Honestly, I’m about a week behind schedule, and it will be a while before copies of the book actually arrive back from the printer, so I have probably another two to three weeks of looking at myself like this in the mirror.



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